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The basic eligibility criteria is as follows: More details can be found on the government website


Eligibility Examples:

Name: Andrew    Age: 29
Income: 35,000 as a recruitment consultant.
Current Pension: Not a member of his employer's scheme.

Outcome: Andrew is over 22 and earns more than 10,000 per year. Since he is not already in his work pension scheme then his employer will automatically enrol him into their scheme and make contributions. He will also get extra contributions from the government in the form of tax relief.
Name:Joyce    Age: 52
Income: 4,500 working for a charity.
Current Pension: Not a member of the charity's pension.

Outcome:Because Joyce earns less than £10,000 per year then her employer doesn't have to automatically enrol her. However, Joyce can request to be added into into a pension, in which case her employer is required to do so. Since she earns less than £5,824 her employer does not have to make contributions but can choose to do so if they wish. She may also be entitled to government tax relief.
Name: Jennifer    Age: 59
Income: 45,000 as a graphic designer.
Current Pension: She is a member of her company pension.

Outcome:Jenifer's company pension scheme already meets the new government standards. Her company pay contributions and she also recieves government contributions through tax relief on her earnings. Since she is already in her workplace pension scheme, she will not automatically be enrolled.
Name: Sanjay    Age: 19
Income: 17,000 as a plumber.
Current Pension: Not a member of a company pension.

Outcome: If Sanjay is under 22 at point of auto-enrollment then his employer does not does not have to enrol him into a pension scheme automatically. But he can request to join, in which case his employer has to enrol him and make contributions. In that case he would also be entitled to tax relief contributions.


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